Betawave X - The GETAWAY

     It's at the end of the infamous Summer of Virgo; the monsoons  -exhausted of their reservoir- have seemingly cooled the heated relations between shopkeepers and landlords.  Trade routes have been relatively cleared of extortionist mobs and petty two-bit hustlers.  While not exactly having been guaranteed 100% safe passage, the duo of Le Pontiac and Kidlat!, together as  Betawave X, decide it is time to finally embark on their long-anticipated coast-to-coast Anthro-Kinetics study tour.

     The ICS-commissioned Anthro-Kinetics Research Society have sponsored Betawave X to take on this cross-cultural immersion tour to gather more data on human rhythmic patterns and behavioral wave-generation, always in light of their on-going studies in Internal Circuitry.  

     J. Le Pontiac Gonzales reports, "Our research will be tackling such inquiries as what propels; what steers human dynamics beyond the usual notions of need and survival".   S. Kidlat! Ocampo adds, "...from great mass migrations to the blinking of one's eye, we want to find out what moves us".


the S. Kidlat! Ocampo Songbook

     As Betawave X forges ahead with their Ghetto Space Music project, the ICS Grants and Commissions Board counsels Kidlat! -on the strength of his undergraduate dissertation- to propose and submit a collection of works to the District Municipal Hall for public dissemination and archiving.

     Ocampo dutifully responds by offering this seven-piece songbook entitled fittingly: Ghetto Hymns for the Earthbound and Weary;  an unmistakeable double-action petition for self-upliftment and steadfastness, and at the same time an invocation for sweet deliverance and repose.  It embodies a spirit of hope - not one of passive longing but of a proactive and dynamic aspiration.

     "The songs themselves are strong statements on their own," reports Cultural Presinct Head Librarian  M.L. Sian,  "There is a clear call for new and different ways of perception, but presented in a language accessible to all".  Post Office Damaged Parcels Clerk, Totoy Monteiro, assents, "...this is some funky shit I ain't never heard before!".  As unadorned yet wonderfully vibrant as the songbook cover, the music is of an uncluttered -and thus unfettered- exuberance.

     "These works will serve as valuable contributions to our burgeoning culture and society," states A. Cobarubia of the ICS Board, "The Betawave ethos of glad-hearted self-cultivation is a timely -and timeless- axiom that we would all do well to live by."